What People are Saying

“A marvelous personal reflection and small group companion to Mansions of the Heart, and more importantly, a resource which will deepen all participants’ affection for Christ.” Dr. Stephen A. Macchia, founder and president of Leadership Transformations, director of the Pierce Center at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, and author of several books including Becoming A Healthy Church (Baker) and Crafting A Rule of Life (IVP/Formatio)

“In an age where discernment is almost entirely forgotten, we need to turn our hearts and minds to those who have gone before us in our journey of faith. This guide allow us to do just that, and to drink deeply from the fountain of knowledge that the tradition has provided. Use this to move beyond overly-simplistic assumptions about what the Christian life should feel like, to truly discern what the Lord is doing.” Kyle Strobel, PhD, Professor of Theology, Grand Canyon University, and author of Formed for the Glory of God: Learning from the Spiritual Practices of Jonathan Edwards and editor of Reading the Spiritual Classics: A Guide for Evangelicals 

“The risk of reading any book on spiritual formation is that it will simply become one more intellectual exercise that never penetrates one’s heart. The workbook for Mansions of the Heart is a spiritual mentor, of sorts, that helps move one beyond a purely head response, to encourage real heart transformation.” Doug Kelley, PhD, Professor, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Arizona State University

“This study really hit the mark and the teaching has stayed with me. The group discussion was invaluable. It helped me understand the seven stages of spiritual growth more clearly and identify where I am in my walk with Jesus. By far, the greatest benefits are that I have a better understanding of how I can strengthen my relationship with Jesus; I have greater acceptance of other believers in terms of where they are spiritually; and I have the tools to discern the direction my church is headed as relates to equipping believers in their pursuit of Christ.” Joanne Hawes, author ofLife Purpose: The Joy of Doing What God Created You to Do

A recent article in Christianity Today references Mansions of the Heart. Check it out here.
A book review on Mansions of the Heart can be found here.
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